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Forecast for Jan.28 - Feb.3,2019

We start off this week with a few Days of Caution beginning Jan.26 - 31st. We go into a Plutonic phase creating the usual Scorpionic energy. Anytime you have this energy you better think twice before getting into altercations with others. At this time we are dealing with all of the universes evil coming to the fore front. The police will be busy and could also take another life for the men in blue., The FBI,CIA, sex ,rape, pornography,sex trafficking,Russia,hidden secrets and death are all on the table for the next several days.And this news will make headlines. Terrorism is also on the agenda so stay away from large crowds at this time. DO NOT go to any places that aren't familiar or pay the price.I would also check your bank accounts because thieves seem to flourish in this energy and I know from personal experience.

On Feb.2 we have Imbolc (St. Brigid's Day in Gaelic) or Ground Hogs Day in the states. We are at the half way mark between winter and spring. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. This is also a time of new beginnings and of purification. And your Astrologer is part Scottish so as they do in On Jan.2 there is powerful Trine between Venus and Uranus bringing good news with love and money.

On Jan.3 Venus moves into Capricorn. Souls born with this placement will be intellectual,practical and hard working. These people like love classical music, high society and the finer things in life. The negative to this is some are gold diggers and only care about your bank accounts, money and your statues in life. On the more positive note, they are usually into journalism, communications, photography and like myself, Astropsychology/Astrology for the advanced soul.

Have a safe week everyone.This energy will be trying for many. The key is "think before you speak" and "trust no one". Blessings!

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