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Forecast for July 11 - 20,2020

Chiron goes Rx on July 11,2020 in Aries. Chiron is the past life wounds we have endured.He is also called the wounded healer for he had to heal himself. Where ever Chiron is placed by house and sign, a sacrifice will always be made. This will be a time to slow down,and reflect on where you have been, and where you are going in life. Its time to look deep within.

Mercury goes direct on July 18,2020. Can I get an Amen! Now that this planet has moved direct, we can resume better communication, and after July 20th we can start buying technology,cars,phones and computers again.

Time to get out your telescopes as Jupiter will be visible in the night sky on July 14,2020. The Sun and Jupiter will make their annual opposition that day. making Jupiter it's closest to earth. You don't even need a telescope as it will be big and bright in the night sky.

On July 20,2020 there is a New Moon is Cancer...again. Yes, June 21, 2020 brought us a Cancer New Moon in 0' degrees and now another Cancer New Moon on 21st at 28'degrees. This is a rare occasion, and it's all about a rewind,doing it again but better. I will explain more about this in my New Moon Forecast newsletter.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe week ahead.


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