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Forecast for July 15 - 21,2019

This isn't going to be an easy week for many of us. We start it off with a Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 6:43 p.m PDT on July 16,2019. It will be visible to Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia. The eclipse will miss North America, except for the very southern and eastern parts of the continent. The Full moon is in Capricorn and this means it will be a very Karmic one for many. Careers will end and new ones begin.Drama with politics,Washington D.C, government, Trump, and many politicians will be exposed the next few weeks and coming months. This partial eclipse is fueled by the Capricorn Dragons tail and we will witness all Saturian/Capricorn energy.

See my Full Moon Forecast here:

Mercury(Rx) enters Cancer on July 19th, taking a more emotional and dramatic turn in communication where feelings can be hurt easily, and misunderstandings are possible. The most dangerous aspect of all hits this week. We move into a Uranic moon phase, and with California already on high alert, this is the perfect energy for the BIG ONE! "Days of Caution" July 17,18,19. Uranus is all about release of energy,electricity,explosions,shocking news,bizarre ,weird,aeronautics, UFOs, Asia E.Ts,NASA,Space X, intense weather patterns,earth changes,quakes,tornadoes and volcano's all rule this energy so watch the news. Do not fly, travel into storms or purchase electronic equipment in these stars.

The next few weeks will be difficult. Please join me the day after the Full moon on July 17th as I will walk you threw a " releasing of the negative and fear" spell, live on You Tube and Facebook. You will need: 1 bay leaf, a black sharpie pen, 1 white candle, and a fire proof container to burn your bay leaves in. You will write on the bay leaf the chains that bind you, fear,depression,road blocks, and the sadness that hold us back, and prevent us from moving forward. This will prepare us for the next New Moon, a Blue One in Leo.

Blessings to all and have a wonderful week ahead!

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