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Forecast for July 22- 28,2019

The planets that govern this week are Mars, Venus, and Mercury(Rx) and the solar energy of the Sun. The moon is waning now so news of war is common,drama,economy issues might arise, and unfortunately our politicians don't realize the energies at hand, and war can be easily started by miscommunication when this planet is retrograde.

We start off the week with the Sun moving into Leo on Monday,July 22nd, and its all about children,our creative side, entertainment and the spot light. Even in a waning moon this energy will lift our spirits. However, I would keep a close eye on the children at this time.

July 27,2019 Venus joins the Sun in Leo. This is a great time to heat up your love life, enjoy entertainment, celebration and indulgence is possible. Souls born with a Venus in Leo will be magnetic, have a warm heart,usually drop dead gorgeous, make wonderful parents, and loyal lovers. Their downfall could be domineering so try not to smother your partner, and give them room to breath.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings!

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