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Forecast for July 22 - 31,2020

The Sun moves from Cancer into fiery Leo on July 22,2020. With the Sun in Leo we can now get in touch with our creative side.Play like children again, and enjoy life. Be the leader in what ever your path, just like the powerful,mighty lion. Leo souls are born to shine, and stand out in the spotlight. Their energy is dignified, and they are magnetic, and usually achieve careers in the arts, public life, management, research, and take center stage in all their endeavors. Happy Birthday Day to all Leo's!

"Days of Caution" for July 26,27,28 where one again the Universe moves into a Plutonic energy phase. This energy rules all criminal activities,rape,murder,sex,porn industry,sex abuse,trafficking, police force, law enforcement, and secret service. Secrets are always exposed in this energy, and the rich and famous make headlines or worse,die. This isn't the time to go out into large crowds and protesters will pay the price if they do. Know your surroundings, stay home,check your bank accounts, and spend this weekend at home ,relaxing with family.

Magickal Folk: Most practitioners know the Moon energy phases last about every two and half days in each sign. The energies this week are ruled by Virgo (cleansing,organizing, and health matters), Libra (rules ailments of kidneys,balance,harmony, and peace) and Scorpio energy which is very powerful magickal energy.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


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