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Forecast for July 29 - Aug. 4,2019

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

I'm just going to start with the negative and end on the positive. We start the week off with "Days of Caution" July 29, 30, 31. This week the Moon, the Sun and Mercury govern. We start off the week in a Moonic phase creating beginnings and endings for many. Abrupt relocation is common and natural disasters such as earthquakes,volcanic eruptions are common. I highly advise if you live in California to please stock up on water,food,dry - goods,batteries, and cash. I was at my women's spirituality meeting last night and a clairvoyant and lucid dreams practitioner told me the epicenter will be in the southern part of the state, and this doesn't mean it will happen but the energies at hand will produce global quakes and with California having 20 to 30 shakes per day...UMM...Mother Earth is speaking, please listen to her.

Now on to some more positive news! We have a beautiful New Moon in Leo (Black Moon) on July 31st/ Aug.1st @ 8:12 PM Pacific Time. The Moon in Leo will be all about children and the "Dog Days of Summer." Families enjoying the sunshine,romance, and all of what summer brings. It's time to bring your ideas,creativity,passion, and inspiration into fruition. This month will definitely be filled the excitement, and maybe even a little drama.

August 1st we have the pagan holiday of Lammas or Lughnasa (/ˈluːnəsə/ LOO-nə-sə) is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. In Modern Irish it is called Lúnasa, in Scottish Gaelic: Lùnastal.

Lammas is a time to thank the Sun for its bounty, and first harvest of the season. The elements of Fire and Water mix, and action, and emotion take hand. This is a highly magickal time for many. Its all about release (emotions,water) and making plans (action,fire) and combining both energies for better self awareness and success.

Magickal Folk: Any spell work done now for money,success, and romance and love will be blessed. Magick involving strength, courage, and children is also good. We can also heal with spells involving ailments of the heart, spine and upper back.

Have a wonderful week ahead, be safe, and stay tuned. I will post my New Moon forecast later this week. Blessings!

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