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Forecast for July 8 - 14, 2019

This week will be active with negative activity as the Sun squares both Mars and Uranus. The Plutonic phase takes place again this week and the "Days of Caution" are 10,11,12. We also have Mercury in Retro grade for the rest of the month. Pluto phases always bring the evil to the surface. The FBI,police,secrets come to light, sex crimes and Russia news, Life and death for many including the rich and famous. Cyber crimes, violence and terrorism are also common. In finances, beware of the "to good to be true" deals and check your bank accounts. Steer clear of large crowds, the unfamiliar and stick to places you have been before.Even in Waxing Moon phase, bad things can happen.

This weeks energy levels will feel low,with lack of energy and even some depression. Some people with a strong Pluto in their chart could seek to get even so, watch your back. Listen to your dreams at this time. The financial industry could take a hit this week too. The positive is the Sagittarius Moon on the weekend that will lift our spirits and get us out of that rut we have been in all week long. We will feel like get out of the house on the weekend for sure.

Magickal Folk: We are still in the Waxing phase so bringing things to you such as money,love, happiness are all possible. Plutonic phases always bring high magickal power, after all Scorpio does rule Witchcraft. Spells for sex and lust will work well.Also spells for animals and winning in court when the moon slips into Sagittarius at weeks end. What magickal possibilities await.

Wishing everyone a blessed and safe week ahead!

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