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Forecast for June 10- 16,2019

Celestial activity is on the calmer side this week but this doesn't mean its not going to get crazy. We start off with something fun on June 10 where we will be able to see Jupiter with the naked eye. Using binoculars and telescopes will make this event even more special.

We start off the week with the moon in Libra on Monday the 10th. Venus rules Libra so this is another window for beauty treatments,holistic healing and anything to do with marriage,partnerships and signing contracts. balance and harmony is very possible the next few days but everything shifts later in the week.

On June 13 -16 we move into "Days of Caution" where the energy shifts into a Plutonic phase. Russia always makes the news along with police, CIA,FBI, secret service, mafia and famous death & dramatic death news. Secrets always come to light along with cyber news and attacks, terrorism and even abductions.(stay out of large crowds) Porn scandals and sex news, serial killers, rapists and natural disasters rule this energy. The IRS also rule this too. Pluto is life, death and rebirth and many will pay the price for ignorance and not following the jurisdiction of the stars. Stay safe, follow Universal Laws, live to tell.

The weekend brings political drama and there will be some negative days for POTUS on June 15-17 as those are his unlucky Dragon Days. Watch the news and you will see. Happy Fathers Day - June 16,2019. Wishing all Dads a wonderful day!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy whats left of this positive celestial energy.


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