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Forecast for June 18 - 30,2020

We have a Summer Solstice on June 20,2020 @ 2:43 p.m. P.D.T and the Sun enters Cancer. I just love this time of year. Nature is ripe,bursting with life,color, and vibrancy. Even in these hard times, and spending so many days in solitude, I have grown fond of the many hours I have spent outdoors in my own back yard. The crows have become my friends,doves sing their angelic songs,and the Hawk always lets you know when he's around too. I have learned to appreciate the messages Universe is giving me. From this day forth, I will never let work schedules, and deadlines get in the way of me bonding with my Mother Earth, and seeing the deeper meaning of things.

Souls born in the Sun sign of Cancer are the ultimate summer baby. This energy rules the Moon, the tides, our own psyche, and can create moodiness. They usually have round faces, fair complexions, and beautiful, fluid eyes. Most Cancers love sand, and surf, and are very connected to water. They have a natural born gift of intuition and can be very nurturing.

On June 21, 2020 we have a Solar Eclipse and a New Moon, both in Cancer @2:41 a.m. E.D.T The energy is going to be all about the pleasures of the home and hearth, and nurturing the mind,body ,and soul, as a whole. They are the trifecta to inner and outer balance now. Happy Birthday Cancer!

This is definitely the season of retro-grades, and on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. Neptune(illusions and delusions) retro-grades until November 28,2020. When this outer planet goes retro-grade, the energies of dreams,illusions, and the subconscious come into focus. The key here is when the veil thins, your blinders will come off. You will see the world with out your rose colored glasses on. Once you have been able to see things more clearly, you will be able to begin your own healing journey.

Venus also moves direct on Thursday,June,25,2020 giving finances and love the green light once again. Mars leaves Pisces for its governing sign, Aries on Saturday, June 27,2020. This is where we will feel the Mars heat. This is the most, excellent time to start new projects, new beginnings, and taking up a high cardio sport.The fires will be lit and passion will be ablaze.

We close out the week with "Days of Caution" for June 29/30 and July 1/2. We once again face the Pluntonic energy phase. Secrets always come to light,the rich and famous make the news ,and even face death.This energy is all about death,drama,rebirth, transformation, and

secrets. We will see drama from our police,terrorism,possibly more riots, the murderers,rapist and thieves come out of the sewers careful.Stay safe!

This newsletter is a more extended one then I have done in the past. I will be in Arizona the week this publishes and the next one wont be until first week in July. I will try to get on fb live as I do plan another trip to Sedona. We plan on hiking Holy Cross and I plan on video taping it for all of you. Have a blessed week, and a wonderful New Moon, Solstice/Eclipse. Wishing everyone a very blessed Summer/Winter Solstice!

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