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Forecast for June 20 -30,2021`

Blessed Summer Solstice, also called "Litha" to all on the northern hemisphere, and Blessed Winter Solstice or "Yule" for the southern hemisphere. May the change of seasons whether celebrating summer or winter, and the turning of the wheel of the year bring peace, abundance, and happiness to all.

Jupiter moved retrograde today, June 20,2021 in Pisces. Jupiter is the Lord of luck, wealth, abundance, expansion and higher knowledge. He brings us opportunities and advantages into our lives. However, when Jupiter goes retro grade in Pisces it doesn't mean we wont have opportunities or advantages but they will come to us in very different ways. We are being asked by the stars to reevaluate your money matters and look into your spiritual side more. Its about taking care of yourself and your spiritual side of life. It is time to heal yourselves instead of always healing others.

Mercury goes direct in modern astrology on June 22 but its energy is still here until June 30 and all the issues that come with it. The big event of the week is the Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday, June 24,2021 @ 2:40 p.m. EDT. I will go into greater detail in my Full moon forecast newsletter

Venus (goddess of love) enters into Leo (rules 5th house of love) on June 27,2021. When Venus moves into Leo, passion and love become intense and extremely magnetic. This placement shows their love by treating you as the most important soul on the planet. They are very domineering and will try to rule you, if they can but their love is pure and true. Souls born with this placement are gorgeous, magnetic, and loyal to their lovers. This placement rules the seat of attraction, and therefore will behold tremendous creativity and ambition. They will give much to their own children too.

Magickal Folks: Magick for high divination, spirit boards, clairvoyance ,pendulum work, and tarot will be blessed under the Scorpio moon energy from 20 -21. June 23 -24 will be great for spell work for healing pets, or safety of pets, higher knowledge and learning and also court case spells.

Have a wonderful rest of the month. Be safe

Blessed Be!

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