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Forecast for June 24 - 30, 2019

All though there are no major aspects this week but I do feel issues with Iran will escalate this week and we could very well be at war by next week. Lets hope not! On June 26 Mercury moves from Cancer into fiery Leo. However, the fire will fizzle because a retrograde is to follow next week. Souls born with the dignified sign of Leo in Mercury will be strong, expressing their views energetically. They will have strong opinions and will express themselves loud and clear, and dramatically, if needed. They are entertaining speakers who love telling stories, performing, and full of creative ideas. Many Mercury in Leo souls become politicians, leaders,coaches,and directors.

Mercury turns retrograde on July 1,2019 - Aug.2,2019 (modern astrology 7/7/19 - 7/31/19) and with it being in Leo many will over exaggerate situations and stories, and be a bit obnoxious at times. The Big Event is on July 2,2019 when we have a New moon in Cancer and a Solar Eclipse in cancer too. I will post more about this in my next news letter.

Have a wonderful week everyone and be safe.Blessings!

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