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Forecast for June 3 -9,2019

We are all on the go this week. There is a New Moon in Gemini on Monday,June 3 @ 6:02 a.m. EDT. (new moon forecast to follow in next news letter) Gemini is all about communication, transportation,(green light now for car buying),writing,publishing,travel plans, and getting in touch with brothers and sisters.Both the Sun and Moon are in Gemini adding restlessness to many of us this week. We will need to ground ourselves this week, especially if we have a lot of Gemini in our charts. Your astrologer has a hidden Dragon in Gemini so I better take my own advise this

On Tuesday, June 4,2019 Mercury moves into Cancer making communication take on a more domestic,family oriented tone. Sensitivity and emotions will run high. Souls born with Mercury in Cancer will be drawn to things like real-estate,hospitality,food industry, and emotions will be directed towards security,family ,and the home.They will have strong intuition but will be somewhat moody.

On Saturday,June 8,2019 Venus moves from its governor, Taurus into Gemini. This energy is unfocused,and moving in a million different directions. This is also a time when love comes into your life but its just a little romance and nothing serious. Souls born with this placement will be be looking for love on a metal and intellectual level. They are drawn to photography, writing,publishing, and all forms of communication in general. This is a dual energy so they can love two people at the same time. They need mental stimulation and if you cant provide that ,they will move on.

Days of Caution - June 4, 5, 6 - We move into a heavy moon phase were beginnings and ending of life are common.America,Real Estate, new life, and important changes happen now. Tragedies can occur and forced relocations are common under these stars. Watch the news. Cancer countries like American and Venezuela will make the news and so will our president. We unfortunately take on his karma as a nation.

Stay safe and have a wonderful week ahead. Blessings!

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