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Forecast for June 8 - 17,2020

We head into the week with a negative Uranic phase "Days of Caution" for June 8,9,10. As always with this celestial energy the shocking can happen, strange and bizarre make headlines,UFO,paranormal, Space X,NASA,aeronautical,electricity, issues,weather becomes intense(Hurricane Christobal), earthquakes, volcanoes, explosions,and eruptions. This also represents alien abductions/contacts. I'm waiting to divulge more on this because in the next few days, headlines might be made.

Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer on June 11,2020 (Ancient Astrology is always 7 to 10 days ahead). Mercury slows down,moving in a backward motion, telling us that it is time to re-group,reflect and regenerate our spirit. Being in Cancer it will be all about the family, home,redecoration,remodeling, and outdoor activities like gardening,family BBQ's, and cooking.

As always this brings the past back into your life. It is not advised to purchase new cars or technology at this time(used is OK), and car breakdowns, and repairs are very common along with communication barriers or misunderstandings. Accidents of all sorts within the world of wheels and transportation will happen for the next five weeks. Be safe out there on the road everyone!

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