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Forecast for March 1 - 10,2021

We start this week off with "Days of Caution" for March 2/3/4. We move into a Plutonic energy phase. Pluto means wake up calls for ALL of us. We will see reports of police incidents, rich and famous die, terrorisms, cyber, sex crimes, and crime in general will be on the agenda. This is not the time to be adventurous or spontaneous. It is better to stay out of large crowds or events, and small intimate gatherings are best. Stick with the familiar, and do not get into verbal altercations because it could kill you. Following those few guidelines can save your rear end.

Mars will enter the curious sign of Gemini on Wednesday, March 3,2021. Souls with a Mars in Gemini placement will be about talking, selling, reading, writing, and communication. This placement will make good writers, and photographers. The downfall for this placement will be that they can be verbally aggressive and lack or not take the time to listen to others.

We begin the week with negative energy and we end the ten days cycle with another "Days of Caution" for March 9/10/11. This energy is Uranic meaning anything dealing with aeronautics, space, the bizarre and unusual, volcanos, earthquakes, weird weather patterns, electricity, UFOs, ETs, news from Asia, and since it is a waning Moon phase, expect shocking news within our own lives as well.

Magickal Folk: The beginning of the week will be perfect for spells dealing with healing of the sexual organs as the Moon will be in Scorpio. On March 4/5 any healing work done for animals or binding them to us will be blessed. March 9/10/11 is a perfect time for self care and taking care of our own needs.

The next few weeks will be difficult for many. I did say last week to enjoy the last days of the positive energy for this week and next will prove to be deadly for many souls. Be safe, know your surroundings and have a great week ahead.



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