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Forecast for March 11 - 17,2019

We will have a lot more energy this week and many things can get accomplished. Steer towards the mercury- retro stuff like cleaning up,early spring cleaning,having yard sales, and planning for the next Full Moon/Spring Equinox energy on March 20th. This is also a good time to focus and do magick for things like better health,physical activity, financial endeavors, and work and career life.

The week starts out with the waxing Moon in Taurus,so get your hair and nails done,facials, and anything geared towards the beauty industry will be blessed.We have some "Days of Caution" for the weekend. From March 14- 19 there will be a high concentration of celestial energy in a Moonic phase creating beginnings and endings of important parts of life,abrupt relocations, destructive and crazy weather, natural disasters and family tragedies seem to occur at this time.

We end the week on March 17th, Happy St.Patrick's Day! According to legend St.Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. However, those snakes were actually Pagans or Druids and the Catholic Church once again was creating a mass extermination/genocide towards those who refused to believe in their doctrines. Just like the Native Americans had to endure. I raise my glass in honor of them, Slainte!

Have a wonderful week everyone. Blessings!

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