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Forecast for March 11 -20,2021

New have a beautiful, dreamy, and intuitive New Moon in Pisces on March 13,2021 @ 5:21 a.m. EST. I will explain all of that in the next newsletter. On March 14th it is time to "Spring Forward" in the states that do this sort of thing.

Mercury, the planet of communication moves into Pisces on March 15 and this will make many of us prone to not speaking as clearly so talk and communicate slowly to get your words across correctly. This will also make us feel more artistic. If you are born with this natal placement you will be very intuitive, imaginative, drawn to artistic endeavors, and deeper spiritual knowledge. Many souls with this placement become teachers, writers, and incredible artist. The downfall to this placement is religious indoctrination, addictions, and lack of rational thought.

On March 20,2021 the Sun moves into fiery Aries, Happy Birthday, Aries! This is also the Spring Equinox, and the changing of the seasons. Happy Spring Everyone! The wheel of the year moves once again and nature comes back to life, The earth is rebirthing from the dark, cold winter and the animals are more active, fertile and full of life. Its a time to celebrate Ostara, the pagan Easter. Egg dishes are very popular as the represent fertility, joy, rebirth, and harmony.

Magickal Folk: With the wheel of the year turning once again, it is a time to honor the elements. Green Magick is perfect. Create a "Plant of Intent" spell. Last year, I did a plant of intent spell. I used Forget- Me - Nots seeds. I placed a picture of the house I wanted (be realistic) and a quarter into the dirt with the seeds. Light a white candle or tea light and pray, chant or meditate on what you want. Water it frequently, and watch it grow, along with your intent and manifestations. My plant of intent is still going strong ,one year later, and I have my house.

Blessed Be!

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