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Forecast for March 18 - 24,2019

We have a major event this week. On March 20th we have the last Super-moon of the year at 0 degrees of Libra. A Sun moving into Aries and The Spring/ Equinox (Autumn Equinox down under),all occurring within a few hrs of each other. The universe will be at a balance for the next 48 hours. Ostara season is here!

This is the perfect time to mediate and bring balance and harmony into your life. Resolve any issues with relationships and your business life. We are still in retro-grade thru the 31st but the month of April will be a rebirth for a great many. Remember, we are working with the energies of two,the Yin(Libra Moon) and the Yang(Aries Sun). We will have incredible celestial power now and our creativity, physical self and activities will blossom. Energy is revived and we are ready for action.

The end of the week is in a negative Scorpionic energy or Plutonic energy from March 22 -25 plus Mercury retro-grade and a waning moon phase will create a deadly recipe for destruction around the globe. Death,drama,terrorism,FBI,CIA,transformations,police force ,secrets,rapist,Russia of course, and death of rich and famous are all possible events under this energy. Best to lay low this coming weekend,stay away from large crowds, stay with your familiar and good idea to check bank accounts because Scorpio rules cyber crimes.

I will post the Full Moon forecast in a few days.Have a great week. Blessings!

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