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Forecast for March 25 -31

We have a few sign changes this week as we end the weekend on a very negative Scorpio window where death,drama,FBI (Mueller report) CIA, Russia all made headlines this weekend. We are still in a waning phase,Mercury retro-grade and time to plan,reflect,rest, and rejuvenate. Next New Moon on April 5th in Aries will be to forge forward and set plans into action.

On Tuesday, March 26,Venus moves from Aquarius into dreamy,and emotional Pisces.Souls born with a Venus in Pisces will give love unconditionally.This placement is dependable and will never let one down.They feel sorrow and empathy for others and there love sometime is un-grounded and this can be where deception and depict can take place.Once the soul realized his or her weaknesses they can over come all forms of deception.

On March 31st Mercury goes direct (March 28 in modern astrology). We also have Mars leaving Taurus and moving into Gemini.Things will ebb and flow now with new opportunities,adventure, and experiences well into May. Souls born with this natal placement will be verbally aggressive at times, and will not listen to others. On a more positive aspect of this placement, souls are geared towards broadcasting,reading, communicating,writing, and photography.

We close out the weekend with "Days Of Caution" March 28/29/30/31 Uranic/Aquarian phase where the planet becomes active with earthquakes,volcanoes,tornadoes, electricity,aeronautics issues ,weather gets crazy,bizarre news, UFO,Space-X,shocking events, and Asia can all make the evening news. Not the time to fly anywhere. Be safe.

Have a safe and happy week ahead. Blessings!


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