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Forecast for March 4-10

This is a week full of hi-frequency energy with mercury in retro -grade as of March 2nd (modern Astrology it will be March 5th). When ever Mercury goes retro-grade anything dealing with communication,transportation,mail,travel,broadcasting and mental process is effected. Chain reaction events often take place such as accidents(Amtrak),auto accidents,miscommunication, lost postal packages,broadcasting and communication glitches and confusion.

We have a New Moon in Pisces on March 6th and this energy combined with most of the month of March in retro grade is going to be a time when the past comes back, and we may need to clean up a few things in our lives whether physical, spiritual or psychological. We will need to rest,relax,restructure,rearrange and make plans for the future. Basically, its time to recharge our batteries!

This will be a time of hi -celestial power and energy. The negative side to this will be confusion,dreams, illusions,delusions, spaced out feeling at times, and some may feel depressed or even prone to alcohol and drug use.The positive side to this is it is the perfect time to listen to your dreams, plan for the future, and make your dreams become reality. Meditation,Magical workings such as Tarot,Astrology,pendulum work,spirit boards,oracle cards and clairvoyance are all blessed under these stars. Its a perfect time to contact the other side and your esoteric friends out there for these services. Since Pisces rules the feet this would be a perfect time to do magic for healing that area of the body. Don't forget to pamper yourself just a little with a new pair of shoes or a pedicure or foot massage.

THE BIG EVENT TAKES PLACE THE SAME DAY! On March 6th within just a few hours from each other a major shift happens as Uranus(planet of sudden release of energy and shocking news) moves into solid,stubborn and slow Taurus(earth sign and fixed),and stationed for the next 7 years. Its been 84 years since these two have met up. Taurus rules the arts,beauty,esthetics,sensual, solidity,steady, financial industry, banking, and monetary system.

We will not see this energy right away because Taurus is a slower sign and likes to take things slow and steady or keep things as they are, but Uranus likes to throw us lighting bolts and shock and awe the world. The changes that occur in the next seven years will be of "Great Significance" and impact the world . Major earthquakes and earth changes are to occur,economic and stock market crashes,money and currency issues and changes within the beauty industry too.

Make the most of this New Moon/retro -grade period. Plan ahead, conjure your dreams into reality. I will post the New Moon forecast by house and sign in a few days. Be safe and have a wonderful week.


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