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Forecast for March 7 -16th,2020

Daylight Saving Time begins on March 8 at 2:00 a.m. We spring forward and lose an hour of sleep. I personally think DST is the most ridiculous thing ,ever. The big event this week will be the Virgo Super Moon on March 9, at 1:48 p.m EDT. This full moon is all about better health,diet,organization, and nature. More about the Virgo Full moon in my next newsletter.

Mercury goes direct on March 15,2020 and travel will be much better,less delays,misunderstandings, and all the other issues that come with a Mercury Rx. Mercury jumps back into Pisces again on March 16,2020 and lucky Mercury has gone direct making this shift incredible for metaphysical and spiritual endeavors. This will be a sea of emotion for many. Mercury is communication and Pisces is dreams,escapism and intuition.

Souls born with Mercury in Pisces will be intuitive, creative, great teachers,writers with powerful imagination, and tons of artistic talent. Their downfall will be not having enough rational thought and setting a course for action, creating the constant daydreamer. The advanced souls will dwell in the hierarchy realm of higher consciousness, always swimming up stream, to the light.

I will post my Full Moon Forecast before March 9th. Everyone have a great weekend. Blessings!

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