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Forecast for May 12 - 22,2021

Many of us are still enjoying the New Moon energy, and the next few weeks can bring real progress. On May, 13,2021 Jupiter (The Lord of Luck) moves from Aquarius into Pisces. The past few months with Jupiter in Aquarius (new age endeavors, space, science, aeronautics) as been in control. Many Aquarius and Capricorns have felt the pull of this placement in a very positive way. With Jupiter in Pisces from 5/13/21 through 7/27/21 this will be the time to journal, take notes and see what energies appear by house and sign. This is a precursor to what will take place when Pisces stations permanent on December 28,2021.

We have " Days of Caution" for May 14/15/16 and the universe takes on a

Moonic energy phase. This energy is all about U.S.A, American issues, the beginning or ending of war. It also rules family stress and tragedies, forced relocations, beginnings and endings of life, and natural disasters. We will see many unplanned events for many so be safe out there.

Happy Birthday Gemini! The Sun moves into Gemini on May 20,2021. Souls born in Gemini are curious, adventurous, talkative, and natural born communicators. They will have a gift for communication, publishing and even broadcasting. They are natural born writers but their down fall is flirting, excessive talking and being a jack of all trades.

Magickal Folk: With the waxing Moon energy ritual work for love, abundance, prosperity, road opening, and mental clarity will be favored. On May 14/15 spell work for fertility, real estate, and domestic issues will be favored. On May 17/18 moon moves into Leo so spells for love, sex, children, and pleasure will do well. And if your looking for him/her to pop the questions , spell work for marriage, partnerships and unions, as well as love, harmony and diplomacy are all blessed under these stars for May 21/22. Blessed Magick making!

Wishing every one a wonderful week ahead.

Blessed Be!

Astro- Strega

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