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Forecast for May 13 - 19,2019

This weeks energy takes a very Plutonic undertone for both positive and negative. Lets start with the negative. We have "Days of Caution" May 16 - 19 and will be very trying for the world at large. Death,drama and transformation will plague the universe. Police,FBI,CIA will be busy, secrets always come to light,the rich and famous make the news.(death news) Pluto rules sex,porn industry,and the power of the rapist and series killer become active and powerful. So ,like Ive said before"Stay out of large crowds,know your surroundings, check your bank accounts, stick with the familiar, and always be observant and on alert if you decide to adventure out this Scorpio Full moon weekend."

The good news with this energy is that this will give us time to tap deep into the core of our souls and focus on ridding ourselves of negative feelings, past conflicts,facing our inner demons and learning and growing from them. Pluto is retrograde and WE all will be going thru this.Once the early fall hits we will be better focused and what once served us may no longer be needed as Pluto is transformation. From something negative comes something positive. High magick can be done with this powerful full moon in Scorpio(rules witchcraft and the underworld) on Saturday May 18 @ 5:11 p.m EDT.

On May 15,2019 Venus moves into in Governor,Taurus and things will be very pleasant. Its a wonderful time for love,harmony,beauty and financial gain. Souls born with this placement will be magnetic,beautiful/handsome, and very possessive. A few hours later,on the same day Mars will move into the watery world of Cancer. This will make us more moody,especially Cancers and Capricorns. The fire/water energy will be extremely sensitive and down right defensive. If you feel yourselves prone to this, step back, self analyze ourselves and the situation and try to work with the energy the best you can. It will be with us until early July.

I will post my Full Moon Forecast before the weekend. Have a safe and blessed week ahead.


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