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Forecast for May 15 -24,2020

The Sun moves into Gemini on Wednesday, May 20,2020. The Sun in Gemini brings out more curiosity, especially with Mercury in Gemini as well. This energy gives things an added boost of communication, logical thinking, acute mental process, and curiosity. Its all about doing more then one thing(multitasking). Our social lives rev up just a little at this time, and we become more chatty; the phone bill will be high, and we will be busier then usual.

We have a New Moon on Friday, May 22,2020 @ 1:39 p.m EDT in Gemini. With a new Dragon energy shift into Gemini axis this will be a powerful and more positive New Moon. This energy will be all about catching up with siblings,family,friends, and neighbors, even if it is thru virtual methods. This also represents short trips, new classes, writing letters, social media, negotiations, and even a set of new wheels.

The next ten days are relatively quite but I think with all of last weeks retro grades, we have enough on our plates. Financial issues may arise during May 19 - 21st. This is not the time to invest,wait for the New Moon and then proceed.

We are still in the Moon's waning phase, and its a time to clean up, organize, and plan for the next New Moon cycle. Wishing everyone a great week ahead. The new energy is right around the corner, so stay positive.


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