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Forecast for May 20-27,2019

On Tuesday, June 21 is where all the action will be. The Sun makes a sign change into talkative Gemini and the same day Mercury moves into Gemini too. You can read all about Geminis forecast here:

This dual energy will make us more alert,inquisitive, and things generally move much faster now. We will feel more social,communicative, and eager to lean new things.

Souls born with a Gemini in Mercury are usually the chatter box and at times can just run their mouths and don't know how to stop talking. They are natural born writers,broadcasters, communicators,translators, and photographers.

We move into a Uranic phase also called "Days of Caution" May 23-25, 2019. Uranus(eruptions) and Saturn(politics) are in control now. This energy always brings shocking news,earthquakes,tsunamis,volcanic eruptions, crazy weather,UFO news,Space X,NASA,electronics,computers, airline accidents....DO NOT FLY IN THIS ENERGY; And do not buy any technology unless its used and refurbished.

For those magical folk: As the moon is waning now, it is a good time to rid ourselves from bad habits,cleansing,banishing,binding, use the energies of Capricorn(career) and Aquarius(friendships) this week to make some magic.

Have a wonderful week and be safe.


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