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Forecast for May 25 - June 4,2020

Happy Memorial Day! We start off this week with "Days of Caution" for May 24/25/26 and the Moonic energy is in place. The U.S.A is always governed by this energy and will make news. It represents the beginning and ending of things, not just in our own lives but others, and the world at large. Earthquakes and natural disasters are always very common under this Mother Earth energy.Forced or abrupt relocation for many can happen now. Enjoy an at home BBQ with family or hike or travel somewhere secluded an be one with nature.

We are all still buzzing with the Gemini New Moon energy. This is creating some fantastic ideas, thoughts, and communication advances for many. I'm also seeing great deals on new and used cars. Im even thinking about purchasing a used truck myself. Anything dealing with communication such as cell phones, and even deals on books, magazines or digital subscriptions.

Mercury moves into Cancer on Thursday, May 28, 2020. When the planet of communication moves into Moon energy Cancer, you have communication relating to home,family,security, real estate, hospitality,food,restaurant and with these trying times for many,globally, this will be on the minds of many.

Souls born with a natal Mercury in Cancer will be all about communication via phones or texting, and security within the family,real estate and home. Their intuition is strong and should listen to it more often.They are ruled by the Moon and must follow the Universal Laws.

We end the week with another "Days of Caution" for June 2/3/4. Even with the Moon waxing, there will be trouble afoot. This brings all the criminals to the surface,police news, secret service, CIA,FBI, cyber crimes,porn and sex industry, Russia is also ruled by Scorpio/Pluto energy so that country will make headlines too. Stay with what you know and do not go places unfamiliar or strange. I know, I repeat myself but I have to reiterate it.Stay safe.

They next ten days are of positive energy for the most part. When the Moon slips into Leo on May 27 & 28 do something fun with the kids or something romantic with your lover. As we close out the week, the Virgo Moon might make us a bit more critical, and a drive to clean up,reorganize, and even start writing a book or blog. Have a blessed and safe week.


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