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Forecast for May 27 - June 2,2019

This week the planets Neptune(Middle East), Mars(war), and Venus(finances) are in control. It is generally a pretty mellow week but with the waning moon expect news of conflict and war, and financial issues,stock market,and investments to take a hit. This is not the time to buy new things or invest in anything.

The weekend brings us a Taurus waning Moon and we may feel the need to splurge.Only buy used things from second hand stores,antiques,and try to do at home beauty remedies because heading to your salon or medi spa will bring great disappointment.And DO NOT GET ANY FILLERS such as (Botox,juviderm etc.). We only add things to the body in a waxing moon.We remove things from our bodies in a waning moon. Many people have lost their lives due to medical and cosmetic procedures by not knowing the celestial red and green lights for all these things. I will do a You tube video on this in the summer on " How to use the stars to your advantage for medical,cosmetic and beauty needs." It has helped me and my clients tremendously with scheduling medical/plastic and cosmetic procedures,beauty appts, and even dental. Knowledge is Power!

Have a wonderful and blessed week ahead!

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