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Forecast for May 6 - 12,2019

On Monday May 6,Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus.Swift and fast thinking now becomes slowed down and grounded. Souls born with Mercury in Taurus are attracted to the world of finances,money and security. Anything relating to arts,beauty,and money will stimulate these individuals.

We have "Days of Caution" May 8,9,10 creating beginnings and endings in all phases of life for many. Just because we are in a waxing Moon phase doesn't mean that nothing bad will ever happen.

This week the planet Mercury and the two luminaries, Sun and Moon take the stage. This is a week of high emotions,misunderstandings and feelings of loneliness and self destruction. Know that this energy will pass in a few days and by the weekend and Mothers Day we will end the week with a beautiful Leo waxing moon. Children will be active and its a good time to spend at the zoo,amusement park or any family oriented event. Leo rules Kings and Queens so treat Mom like the Queen that she is and have a wonderful Happy Mothers Day.



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