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Forecast for Nov.16 -25,2020

I do hope you all had a wonderful New Moon filled with magick and mystery. We start this week of with Venus moving into the sensual sign of Scorpio on November 21,2020. Venus in Scorpio is all about magnetism, and affairs with love, and money both positive and negative. When Venus, the Goddess of love meets Scorpio, drama in affairs of the heart are sure to follow, and also secrets may come to light. This is where animal magmatism is high, and the intensity is strong. This is also where ultimate power comes from, and the saying "till death do us part", is taken literally. Many with this placement (if the natal planet isn't afflicted) will experience the greatest pleasures of love, marriage, and partnerships.

The very same day, Nov.21,2020 the Sun moves into adventurous Sagittarius. This is where we become more adventurous , curious, and spontaneous. The Sagittarius energy is all about bold statement's, and moves. We will have a drive for more knowledge, traveling to foreign lands, and embracing other cultures and ideas. The lord of luck is in control, and where ever he is placed in your chart by house and sign, blessings are sure for come.

We have "Days of Caution" for November 19/20/21. As always, this energy brings shocking and bizarre news. UFO, ETs, SpaceX, NASA, new technology, insane weather patterns(hurricanes and tornados), electricity, aeronautics, and earth changes such as volcanos, and earthquakes always make the nightly news. DO NOT FLY UNDER THESE STARS!

The next few weeks are going to be filled with life's ups and downs. Take each day at a time. We move into eclipse season at the end of the month where we have a lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov.30,2020, and a solar on December 14,2020. I will explain more about that next time. Be safe and have a wonderful week ahead.


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