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Forecast for Nov. 18 -24,2019

Lots of changes in-store this week. We start off with Mars moving into Scorpio on Monday, Nov.18. Scorpio is intense, and Mars is fire, and together they are strong,intense, deep feelings/desires, and at their highest energy point.

People born with Mars in Scorpio will be powerhouses where ever this is placed by house and sign. They can either be the Eagle(good) or Lizard(bad). If their energies are positive they will be the investigator,forensic scientists, CSI units, police,FBI,CIA, medical fields, and use their investigative abilities , and facts for good and putting the bad guys in prison. If their Mars in Scorpio is afflicted then you have the serial rapist, murderer, and can induce destructive behavior on all they encounter.

Contrary to what Modern Astrology states....Mercury isn't direct until Nov.30. Some may feel like breathing a sigh of relief once Nov. 20th hits but we aren't out of the woods just yet.

The Sun makes its move into Sagittarius on Nov.22 and Sag is all about adventure ,optimism, traveling, abundance and good luck. More about Sag in my next newsletter.

Magickal Folk: The Moon is operating on a more negative energy this week and we are still in a waning phase.Mercury,Venus and Pluto rule this weeks energy fields so spells for losing weight, banishing the negative and healing spells working with sexual issues such as EDT, low sex drive and other sex related problems can be done now.

We close out the week with another "Days of Caution" for Nov. 24,25,26. We move into the Plutonic phase where life, death, drama,and transformation take place. Many secrets will come to light,death and drama news,terrorism,rich and famous make headlines, Russia news, the CIA,FBI will be busy and more drama in Washington. The beginning of next week will be the most difficult on POTUS and the New Moon in Sagittarius wont bring him much happiness. Watch the news and you will see what I mean. December 2019 will be a very bad month for him also as he is operating on his negative Dragon tail energy in December.

Wishing all of you a very safe week ahead. Watch your words and your actions as this phase can kill and trigger Plutonic souls to come out of the sewer and harm, threaten and kill others. Stay with what your familiar with,stay out of large crowds,check all bank accounts and keep a low profile. And only a few more days left on the "Happy Birthday Scorpio" special


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