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Forecast for Nov.25 - Dec.1,2019

We go into Monday at the zenith of a Plutonic phase as the "Days of Caution" are 24, 25, 26. As stated in my last news letter " We move into the Plutonic phase where life, death, drama,and transformation take place. Many secrets will come to light,death and drama news,terrorism,rich and famous make headlines, Russia news, the CIA,FBI will be busy and more drama in Washington." Stay safe and avoid confrontations, and trouble. Fly under the radar now.

The planets that govern the remainder of the week will be Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.We start off with Venus moving into Capricorn on Monday, Nov.25. Relationships and love will take on a more serious tone now. They will have a higher standard of what love is.Being romantic,having fun, and living a comfortable life will not be enough. Capricorn (structure) in Venus(love) strives for accomplishments and stature. Souls born with this placement will be

high class,hardworking, practical, and intellectual. They prefer the uptown vibe with classy bars and restaurants.They will love classical music, fine art, and architecture. They fall in love with people of stature, hardworking,and someone who is well established with a position of power, and money. If this placement is afflicted then you have the natural born gold digger,only interested in their lovers wallet and assets.

On Tuesday, Nov. 26 we have a beautiful New Moon in Sagittarius @ 10:05 a.m EST. Sagittarius is all about ambition, adventure, action,traveling to far away places, the animal kingdom, nature and the Native American and indigenous world. I will post more on this in the next few days with your New Moon forecast.

Neptune goes direct on Nov. 28 and the fog many off us have felt we where in will be lifted now. This energy shift will create higher vibrations and frequencies. We will be able to concentrate much better now.

We end the week moving into a Uranic phase and "Days of Caution" will be Nov.30, Dec.1,2. Uranic energy is all about shocking news,the bizarre, UFOS, E.Ts, Space X, NASA, weird and erratic weather, volcanic eruptions,earthquakes , and earth changes. Hopefully, the New Moons energy wont make things as dramatic as past Uranic Phases.

Have a wonderful and safe week ahead. I will post the next news letter with full forecast by house and sign. Blessings!

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