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Forecast for Nov. 26 - Dec.2

The focus will be on communication,transportation and travel, and not in a good way. Watching the news tells us its never a good idea to travel in Mercury Retro-grade. Blizzards, bad weather, cancelled flights, and many delays have created headaches for holiday travelers trying to get home. Cancer moons in waning phase always create displacement and sudden shift in living arrangements.

This week is fairly inactive but a retrograde is enough to create chaos. Double check all your appointments, speak clearly, drive slower and be on the defense and be cautious. Not everyone is aware of the energy's at hand. This will be a difficult week for many. We do have a wonderful Sagittarius New Moon coming on Dec.7th. And that means its party time,deck those halls, be merry and enjoy all the good food,friendship and love that is around us. Be safe. Blessings!

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