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Forecast for Nov.4 -10,2019

Your forecast for this week is audio recorded this time. A mercury Rx newsletter is to follow.

My Magickal Folk: Spell work for humanity and friendships is perfect when the Moon is in Aquarius. Mid week it moves into Pisces and its the perfect time for dream work,clairvoyance, tarot,pendulum work,deep meditation,spirit work, and healing ailments of the feet and lymph nodes. Also great for shoe shopping, pedicures,new nail polish and fantasy world. Our weekend will be active with Aries in charge.We will feel restless, so get out side and breath some fresh air. Aries Moons are all about impatience, action,high energy, and warriors. Now is the time to put plans into action and spells for leadership and authority,healing of head and brain are all blessed under this moons energy.Merry magick making!

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