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Forecast for Nov. 5 -14,2020

As we wait for the anticipation of the election results, I can already see the violent energy already taking effect here the U.S.A. Blocking voting sites so people can not vote is not a democratic society. Showing up to polling places armed and threating the lives of others is not what this nation use to be about.

My very own family left Italy to break free from the fascist regime of Mussolini because they wanted a better life where they could prosper. It is a very different America now, full of bigoty, hatred, and greed, and total lack of respect, tolerance or acceptance for others. The next twelve weeks will be shocking, violent, and we are slowly watching a nation implode on itself.(6th house of USA is its health of a nation) The authoritarian energy of Saturn/Capricorn isn't going out without a fight. The Aquarius energy is moving in, and being fought relentlessly. Who ever wins this presidency will have issues during the swearing in process. Looking at both candidates charts, neither one will finish their term in office and I foresee illness and or death for both candidates in the near future, especially once the Dragon energy moves into Taurus/Scorpio axis in January 2022.

On Nov.10,2020 Mercury enters the sign of Scorpio for the second time. This planet is coming out of a retrograde, Modern Astrology states that it is direct on Nov. 3 but Ancient Astrologers know it last another 7 to 10 days with a two or three week shadow period. With the planet of communication being in the intense sign of Scorpio, conversations are darker, and deeper, more mysterious, sarcastic, and always searching for the deeper meaning to truth.

Mars goes direct on Nov.13,2020, where it has been stationed in its governing sign of Aries the past four months. When this planet is Rx many of us have become short fused, and impatient. This is excellent news for those with a strong Aries/Mars in their charts such as Sun, rising, Moon, midheaven, and Dragonhead or tail. (North and South Nodes of Moon)

November 14 -15th brings the New Moon in Scorpio @ 12:07 a.m. EST on 15th and 9:07 p.m. PST on the 14th. New Moons generally bring positive energy but we are dealing with Scorpio/Pluto and with this Moon brings death, drama, rebirth, and transformation in an election year. The more positive aspect of this New Moon will be to invest, make money ,and make good financial decisions. This moon rules sex so it will be a good time to tap into your sensual side too. Like the saying goes "Make love, not war."

We end this 10 days cycle with "Days of Caution" for Nov. 13/14/15 and the world takes on a Plutonic energy shift. Even with a New Moon, this is going to get ugly, especially when politics is involved. Violence will unfold, people will die, the police will be on high alert, along with SWAT, and National Guard/military. This energy is almost revolutionary. Terrorism (domestic terrorist, a.k.a White Nationalist, Proud Boys ,KKK, etc.) will make news. Hitlers energy is alive in the Untied States. Usually the rich and famous are taken from this world too. My best advice is to lay low next weekend, stay out of crowds, do not go places alone that you are unfamiliar with, check bank accounts and all assets. Be safe!

Magickal Folk: New Moons in Scorpio are perfect for any sort of "Money Magic." This Moon is also good for magick for sexual matters, transformations, psychic growth, tarot, divination, spirit boards, and contact with the dead. You can also do healing rituals for ailments of the reproductive organs. This is a very intense New Moon. Make Magick happen!

Blessed Be!

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