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Forecast for Oct.14 - 20,2019

The ruling planets this week are in Venus,Mercury ,and the Moon. We start of the week still feeling the Full Moon energy in Aries from Sunday night and for many in different time zones are enjoying its masculine vibes today as well. With this energy comes the negative, and we will notice more fighting,bickering, and even backstabbing around the work place and home life. It wont be pretty if the tensions escalate. Remember to keep calm and stay grounded as this Aries energy makes many of us do rash and impulsive things.

The only other major event that happens this week is a Moonic phase or "Days of Caution"

for Oct. 19, 20,21,2019. Moonic phase will always bring sudden relocation for many,loss of life,life changing plans and issues, Mother Nature,earthquakes, USA news. This energy always brings high emotion ,and creates bad weather,beginnings and endings in life.

Magickal Folk: These next few weeks are a waning Moon phase where we do Magick to rid ourselves of what no longer serves our well being, binding,hexing, and protection. We start of the week with Venus energy and spells to rid vices,home beauty remedies,and shopping at yard sales and antique stores will brink luck. Mercury takes over mid week and it goes into Gemini getting our writing skills going but communication will be hindered now.Spells for better health of the lungs,arms and legs are blessed now. The weekend is Moon energy and working with Mother Moon/Crone energy for intuition,tarot,and insight. Spells to heal the stomach and breasts will have power and healing energy.

Have a wonderful week and Blessings!

Artwork by Maya

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