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Forecast for Oct.21 - 27,2019

This week starts and ends with negative celestial energy starting with a Moonic phase or "Days of Caution"for Oct. 19, 20,21,2019. Moonic phase will always bring sudden relocation for many,loss of life,life changing plans and issues, Mother Nature,earthquakes, USA news. This energy always brings high emotion ,and creates bad weather,beginnings and endings in life. See last weeks newsletter:

We have a Sun sign change on October 23,2019 into Scorpio and here is where the transformation begins for the winter months ahead.We will feel more inclined to exploring the deeper side of our own psyche and release and clean out the cobwebs of our physical, mental and spiritual baggage that isn't serving us for the greater good.

We close out the week with a Scorpio New Moon on Sunday, October 27/28, 2019 @ 11:38 p.m EDT. More about the Scorpio New Moon and forecast in my next newsletter. The danger begins next week on Oct. 27,28, 29 and once again we have "Days of Caution". Plutonic energy fused together with a Sun and Scorpio New Moon will be a more difficult New Moon on many of us and the world at large.

Plutonic phases will always bring true evil to the surface. The rich and famous will see death,drama and dramatic transformations.News about Russia, CIA,police, sex and porn industry,secrets coming to light, and terrorism could make headlines.Beware, know your surroundings, and stay with the familiar.Stay out of large crowds such as political rallies, and large events and always check your bank accounts for cyber crimes.

Magickal Folk: We are in the waning phase for most of the week and at the 4th quarter moon phase. Only magick to banish,release and protect is advised at this time.

Have a safe week everyone.Keeping a low profile is advised, and knowing your surroundings will be key in getting thru next weeks coming energy shift.


Artwork by Maya

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