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Forecast for Oct.7 -13,2019

The planets in command are Uranus(shocking), Neptune(Middle East,oil),and Mars(war and conflict). The week starts off with shocking news from Kansas City,Kansas with another shooting. The "Days of Caution" are Sunday Oct.6 , 7, 8, 9. We will see more shocking and bizarre news make headlines, along with Space X,NASA, UFO,E.T, electronics,aeronautics. We will also see Mother Earth come alive somewhere in the world with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, crazy weather patterns and even electrical problems.

On Oct.8 Venus moves into intense Scorpio. Souls born with this placement will be extremely magnetic,full of sensuality and a sexual magnet.They are very committed to their partners and expect the same in return, ultimate trust and devotion. If you betray them they will sting you to death. Their downfall is they love drama, possessiveness, and trying to control their partners.

The big event happens on Sunday October 13, 2019 @ 5:08 p.m EDT. We have a Full Moon in Aries. This energy will make us impatient,abrupt with our words and childish. Hopefully with Mars in Libra the energy will be diluted somewhat. Issues with the Middle East,oil and conflicts will plague the world. The more positive side to this Aries Full Moon will be all about bravery, new ideas,inventions and bold statements. I will explain more in my next news letter The Aries Full Moon Forecast by House and Sign.

Have a wonderful week. Be safe out there and enjoy the last week of the waxing moon. It will be an excellent time to purchase electronics, have a manicure or nails done, buy new shoes, and treat yourself to something you've wanted for awhile.


Sunset Full moon
Full moon Sunset - Capitola, California July 2019

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