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Forecast for Sept.1 -10,2020

The big event will be the Full Moon in Pisces on Sept. 1/2 @ 1:22 a.m EDT. This energy is where our vises can get us. Pisces is Neptunian energy, and it's all about higher conciseness, swimming to the light, and divine wisdom. In its negative state it is all about drugs,oil,alcohol, Middle East issues,religious problems, hospitals, jails or prisons, and keeping those rose colored glasses on so you don't have to face any reality and continue on the path of escapism. This celestial placement can effect, and will effect souls sensitive to the Pisces Moon energy. So Sun,Moon,Ascending, Dragons head/tail in Pisces will all feel the repercussions of this energy both positive and negative depending on one's stars.

Mercury enters Libra on Sept.5,2020 and communication becomes more loving,diplomatic,balanced and justified. Souls born with this placement will be all about equality.creating a well balanced scenario. Libra is all about psychology, and the legal system. These souls will strive to bring contracts, legalities , and the jurisdiction of law to the fore front,controlled by a Venus energy, their compassion will always prevail for the greater good of mankind.

Venus (Goddess of Love) enters hedonistic sign of Leo on Sept.6,2020. The energy will be brighter, and sunnier. Positive advancements with love, and money can prosper now and bring out our generous side too. Souls born with this placement will be extremely magnetic, gorgeous, and they rule love, creativity and children energy. They will always attract prominent or famous people into their lives.

Mars goes Retrograde on Sept. 9,2020, and stays until Nov. 13,2020. When the Lord of War moves backwards it is a time take a step back from life, review your actions,after all, Mars does rule "actions." Your energy levels are usually lower now, and motivation will be lacking. Do not start any new projects now as Mars Rx will not bless any new endeavors at this time. This retro-grade will have the most effect on those born with a natal Mars in their chart.

This past week has been very difficult for the world at large. Between the death and drama brought on by Plutonic phase to the Uranic energy coming for the weekend. Days of Caution are 29,30,31. I do apologize for not including this is the last news letter. Be safe, and follow the stars.

Blessed Be!

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