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Forecast for Sept.11-20,2020

We start and end the week with "Days of Caution." From Sept 11/12/13 the universe will feel the negative effects of the Moonic phase. This energy is where the U.S.A , abrupt relocation, beginnings and endings, emotional drama, Mother Earth energy comes alive via earthquakes, volcano's and strange weather anomalies can occur. Be prepared!

On an more positive note, Jupiter goes direct on Sept.12,2020. Let the money flow! The past few months we have seen our finances, and money situations come to a stand still. Now that Jupiter(Lord of Luck) has gone direct, many of use will see finances improve, and better opportunities are ahead of us.

We have a New Moon in Virgo @ 7:00 a.m EDT on Sept 17,2020. The New Moon in Virgo is all about health,organization, employment, and holistic endeavors. This energy focus will be about perfection, and a desire to get healthy , and do better. More about this in my New Moon Forecast.

We close the week with "Days of Caution" once again for Sept. 19/20/21/22. This begins a seven day cycle of Plutonic energy where Russian, Police matters, CIA,secret service, mafia can make headlines, and where secrets are exposed. Even with a Waxing Moon energy it is best advised to steer clear of unfamiliar places, large crowds, and check bank accounts too. Enjoy friends and family, and stick with what you know best.

The last few days of the dark moon phase are upon us, and it is a time to reflect, remove and banish all negative energy. The New Moon will give us the energy to clean up, re organize, stay focused and proceed forward. Have a wonderful week ahead, and Blessed be!


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