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Forecast for Sept.16 -22,2019

The energies that govern this week are Mars, Venus,Mercury and the Moon and we do end the week with "Days of Caution" on 21,22,23rd of September when we move into a Moonic phase where we will hear of abrupt relocation for many,sudden life changes for many, USA news,sadness,depression, drama, earthquakes are common under Moonic energy.

We start off with Saturn turning direct on September 18. This is a time to progress forward, and all the lessons learned in the past months will pay off. We tie up loose ends, move forward because "there is no future in your past." With Saturn direct we are able to reap the benefits of this planet of having discipline and structure.

Magickal Folk: We are in a waning moon phase now. Spells for banishing ,binding,healing and cursing are all blessed under these stars. Spells to set plans in place and for shedding things that are bad for us will be powerful now. Working with Lilith and Hecate will be extra potent.

One more thing I want to say is that we start the week off in Mars energy. This isn't the time to purchase firearms, knives or weapons.Mars is a waning and will not bless these things. Ignore the jurisdiction of the Stars and you will pay the price by either death or using those weapons to protect yourself rather sooner then later. Mid week we move into a Taurus/Venus energy and almost Plutonic in someways so no investments, beauty treatments or new clothing. towards the end of the week we have Mercury in charge so communication will be an issue.Not the time to purchase a new car.

Have a safe and blessed week everyone!

African Sunset

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