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Forecast for Sept.30 -Oct.6,2019

Most of us are still basking in the Euphoria of the Libra New Moon, and for good reasons. The planets in charge this week are Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. Let's hope the Venus energy makes the upcoming "Days of Caution" not as violent and deadly. We have a Plutonic window on Sept. 30,Oct. 1st, 2nd. The Pluto Laws are as followed; as always stay out of large crowds,terrorism,rape and murder all rule this energy. Sex and the porn industry, death and drama always make headlines and the rich and famous always meet their fate in Pluto's world. We will hear more on Russia, CIA,FBI, our cops are always in danger during this energy. Watch the news and you will understand what I mean. And one last thing, check your bank accounts and know your surroundings.

Pluto turns direct on Oct.3rd. We have been more reflective, and introverted during this planets five month retrograde. Giving us the opportunity to work on our shadow self,the darker side of all of us and prepare us for our next transformation.Now direct, it is time to confront what ever was holding you back, and shed those fears,hurts and hates. Truth is always brought out once direct and usually secrets are exposed about politicians, and famous people in general.

The same day Oct.3, 2019 we have Mercury moving into Scorpio(transformation,drama) and it stays here for nine weeks instead of three due to a retrograde back in late Nov. 2018. Souls born with this placement will be the natural born investigator. They love science,occult, medicine,police force,CIA,FBI and sex industry. This placement will have powerful intuition, deep insight and acute listeners. Their downfall is sarcasm and bluntness.

The same day Libra moves into Mars creating and tug and pull between both energies. With Mars weakened and Libra at a better advantage, lets hope for more peace and harmony. Souls born with this placement will be nurturing, peace oriented, always looking for balance and harmony in their lives. Many become interior designers, psychologists,astrologers, and the law. This placement will always fight for the less fortunate and weakest. Their downfall is not staying out of other peoples problems,issues and conflicts.

Magickal Folk: The Moon is waxing now so working magick to bring things to you such as love, money,job,better luck,health etc. are all blessed now. The beginning of the week is Scorpio energy so workings of sex magick,love and lust and all types of claivoyance,tarot cards and spirit board work will do well. Mid week its Sagittarius energy so spells to bind and protect pets, tapping into the Native and shamanistic side is favored.Spells for court,laws and justice are good too. We close the week out with Capricorn and this is the perfect time for spells dealing with employment,career,job promotions and your public appearance. MERRY MAGICK MAKING!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.Stay safe and don't become one of Pluto's victims. And keep the paranormal investigating to the journeyman not the novice as you will not be able to handle the energies that come from it. And dont forget about my Equinox special still going on here:


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