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Forecast for Sept.9-15,2019

The energies that govern this week are Uranus, Neptune, and Mars. We start the week of with "Days of Caution" Sept. 9,10,11th. Uranic energy takes place. So expect news from NASA,SPACE X, E.Ts ,UFOs,bizarre and strange, shocking news, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions,earth changes, humanitarian issues arise.(Dorian aftermath in Bahamas) Aeronautical issues and headlines,technology, Astrology, electronics, and computers etc. This is the perfect time to purchase new phones,computers,software, T.Vs, stereos and plane tickets (waxing Moon in Aquarius, you cant do better then that unless it was new moon).

We have a Full Moon in Pisces on Sept.13/14,2019 @ 9:33 p.m PDT and 12:33 a.m EDT. For us West Coasters the Full Moon is on Friday the 13th making it extra spooky. Clairvoyants,tarot readers,psychics, and the under world will be active and busy. Stay tuned for your Full Moon forecast later in the week.

On Saturday September 14,2019 Mercury and Venus both move into the loving and diplomatic sign of Libra.Communication will improve giving us the tact and diplomacy to speak better to others. Souls born with a Mercury in Libra will be all about equality,balance and harmony. Libra is the interior designer, psychologist, the legal system,and metaphysical paths.They will choose their words beautifully and can make great writers,poets and columnists.

Souls born with a Venus in Libra will be about maintaining the harmony in the realm of love,marriage, partnerships and contracts. They will speak with beauty and grace, be supportive and offer balance where its needed. This is one of the most beautiful placements for Venus to be. The only downfall will be younger souls who drinking too much or overly religious.

Magickal Folk: Spells for friendship and new acquaintances will be blessed the first few days of the Moon when it falls in Aquarius.Full Moon in Pisces...oh the things we can conjure. Magickal work involving clairvoyance, tarot, Angel energies, the spirit world and paranormal investigations,communicating with the dead, dreamworld and the subconscious mind for Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac.Healing ailments of the feet, lymph nodes, and addictions are great for this magickal work.

Wishing everyone a blessed week!

Aquarius Flight

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