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Forecast for the week of Nov. 5 - 11th,2018

This week brings a New Moon in the intense sign of Scorpio on Nov. 7th. Jupiter moves from Scorpio to its governing sign Sagittarius on Nov. 8th and this makes for a time of adventure, travel,education and higher learning, and good luck for many with a strong Jupiter placement. This new energy will make us feel more optimistic, inspired and overindulgent at times. Discipline is key with this energy, have fun but know your limits. I will be posting the "Jupiter forecast" for 2019 and the new "Draconian Forecast 2019" in the weeks to come.

And last but not lest the New Moon on the 8th brings with it a Plutonic phase from Nov. 5 - 13 and when I say an intense New moon, I mean it. We have an election on the 6th and Scorpio/Pluto bring hidden secrets, police news,sex ,rape, murder, riots,destruction because somewhere, someone isn't going to be happy. Some elections may take days or even weeks before all the votes are counted. And you will see a lot of women taking office because Saturn in Capricorn is "The Season of the Witch," and rules women,power, and politics. What ever your political party always remember, we all bleed red. One earth,one people! Have a safe and blessed week.

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