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Forecast for the week of Oct.29-Nov.4

We have a few sign changes this week, Halloween and a Fall back in time. On Wednesday Oct. 31st Mercury moves into Sagittarius making us adventurous and fiery. Don't forget to look at the bigger picture before making any decisions as this energy seems to make us look at things with rose colored glasses. On the same day Venus leaves Scorpio and moves back into Libra where it will stay until the beginning of Dec.

Happy Halloween! The turning of the wheel begins again making Samhain the final harvest of the season. The veil is at thinnest between the 30th - Nov.2nd and is the perfect time to set up an alter to honor our loved ones who have crossed over. Communication and meaningful dreams are common as the dead will communicate through our dreams and subconscious mind.

On Nov.4th we "Fall Back" setting our clocks back one hour and enjoying and extra hour of sleep. It does get darker earlier,making us more sleepy and telling our bodied that colder weather is upon us and soup season is here and preparing us for winter ahead.

Happy Halloween too all. Be safe and have a wonderful week. And to those of you who have asked, The Astrology Witch now has a "Donation Button". Peace!

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