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Forecast for the week of Sept.3 -9th

We are in the final days of the waning moon.The past 10 days have made many of us emotional,confused and depressed as always with a Pisces Full Moon.This energy will pass in time.

On Sept.5th Mercury enters its governing planet Virgo and back home where it belongs. Communication,publication and organization are the key words this week. Souls born with this placement will be perfectionists. They will embrace all things having to do with health,homeopathic medicine, gardening and plants and critical thinking.

Saturn will go direct on Sept. 6th finally setting us up to move forward and get organized. Saturn has taught us some pretty karmic lessons the past few months and hopefully we have learned from them.

Days of Caution will be on Sept. 3 - 6th and we will see people at their most vulnerable and emotional state. Many family's and people are up rooted in this phase due to sudden disasters and issues beyond their control. This dragon energy (Leo/Aquarius) is hunting for children as you all can see from watching the news. Everyday the news reports of a death to children,trafficking and exploitation of the youth of tomorrow. Its heartbreaking for your astrologer to bear sometimes and even though I don't show it, I'm crying on the inside.

Last but not least is a Venus move into sexy Scorpio on Sept.9th. and a Virgo New Moon the same day. What is interesting is all 10 of the planets will reside in feminine aspects giving way to the saying " It just needs a woman's touch". The motto will be to help others and care for the ones in need. Its a very beautiful placement.

Have a wonderful Labor Day to all my fellow Americans and a blessed week ahead to all. Remember, follow the fluctuations of the moon,respect universal laws because

waning moons are for reflection and planning your next move. All lights will be green on Sept 9th. to progress forward.


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