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Forecast for week of Jan. 7 - 13

We start this week off with a Uranic phase from Jan. 7 - 11 creating

earth changes,tornadoes,volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes and crazy and bizarre weather and news. The shocking and unbelievable always make headlines. This energy is also ruled by nukes, E.T.s,UFOs ,NASA, Space X, the impossible and the unbelievable. Science,aeronautics,The Stars (astrology),T.V and humanitarian issues will be on the rise too. Asia has this energy and usually makes headlines in some way too.

Venus moves into adventurous Sagittarius on Jan. 7. People born with this celestial placement will love animals,marry foreigners,love traveling, being philosophical and prefer to marry of their same religion but the advanced soul is more spiritual then religious and will explore other cultures and religions. This energy can spell burn out if ideas during this time aren't thought out in a proper manner. Avoid spending on extravagance or investments as this energy makes us do impulse spending.

On Jan.11 Pluto(transformation) meets with a Capricorn(responsibility) Sun and Capricorn,Taurus, Virgo and anyone with this natal placement will feel the effects the most. Take the changes with stride and know that the stars have better to offer you.

Have a wonderful week. Be safe. Blessings.

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