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Forecast for week of Sept. 17- 24th

The past week has been rough on many. From hurricanes in the Carolina's to typhoons in the Philippians, this has been a deadly,destructive past week. My thoughts and prayers are with all effected.

This week we can breath again just a little. Today, Sept 17th-19 the moon has moved into Sagittarius,waxing and its perfect for buying a new pet.Sagittarius rules the animal world so anytime we have this planet moving in this sign in the new moon period you will get a forever furry, friend blessed by the stars for years to come.

Friday Sept. 21 Mercury (communication) moves into Libra (peace and harmony) Souls born with this placement will be able to see things from both perspectives. Its balance,harmony and fairness. This placement will also be interested in psychology, legal system, interior design and metaphysics for the advanced souls.

Saturday, Sept. 22 the Sun enters Libra. Happy Birthday Libra's!(Check out my Libra forecast I will post in the next few days) The universe is in perfect balance for the next few days .It also marks the turning of the wheel and we move into Autumn and the Fall Equinox(Spring Equinox S. hemisphere). This is the perfect time to balance out your life and find peace and harmony. Life is a little kinder to us all at this time so go out and put yourself first. Buy something pretty that you have longed for.

Enjoy this positive energy the universe has bestowed upon us. Have a great week and stay tuned for the Libra forecast coming in a few days .

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