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Full Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio

Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Scorpio May 16, 2022

I would love a start out by saying everything will be fun and happy, sadly, this is not the case and this will be a very deadly Plutonic – Full Moon- Eclipse in deadly Scorpio energy. This is where wars escalate or begin, violence and terror will be in the headlines and in the newspapers. Many rich and famous die in this phase and it will be best to lay low, stay out of crowds, and spend time in private with friends and family. Keep things small and intimate.

The Full Moon is on Monday, May 16 @ 12:14 a.m. EDT and 9:14 p.m. PDT on Sunday, May 15, 2022. The eclipse happens around 8:29 pm to 9:53 pm PDT/MST, and 9:29 pm to 10:53 pm MDT. Those in the Pacific and Mountain time zones will have totality, and will be a spectacular cosmic event on a Sunday evening. This will be the longest eclipse of the 21st century where totality begins after 8 pm local time, and finishes before 11 pm local time.

Lunar Eclipses bring change, transformation, and represents all sorts of chaos, and shake ups along the way, especially if they are in Scorpio. It makes us feel more inclined to tapping into deeper knowledge, and seeking out the truth. This is when bombshell or explosive news makes headlines. Cyber wars and crimes will be on the rise. Check your bank accounts too!

All of us will feel this placement by house and sign but All Scorpios and waters signs feel it the most. Those born with a moon, rising, and Dragon head/tail in Scorpio will feel this energy strongly too. We all will experience a wakeup call of some sort. However, those who celebrate a birthday between May 14 – 19, 2022 will have major transitions in the next six months to a year ahead. And those who have a birthday that falls on the Full Moon /Eclipse will have a progressive year ahead full of your own new found paths, and questioning your souls purpose in life.

Magickal Folk: The world at large maybe in chaos but making magick in a Scorpio moon is a gimmie. Scorpio rules deep metaphysical knowledge, the occult world, metaphysics, witchcraft, lust, investments, other people’s money, death and legacy. Any sort of death or necromancy spell work is very blessed under these cosmic stars. Spells for lust, psychic control, shadow work, and baneful magick have their advantages in these stars. Happy Magick Making!

The stars become deadly around the 15th and this isn’t a time to go out and protest. Steer clear of events with large crowds, and stay away from the police as they will not be friendly in any sense of the way. They will also be on high alert and they either get killed or they do the killing as cops rule Scorpio energy and the Dragon directly hunts for them. Be safe, be awake and aware.


Astro -Strega

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