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Full Moon Forecast - 8/15/19

The Full Moon will be in Aquarius on Aug.15,2019 @ 8:29 a.m. Expect to hear shocking and surprising news. Nature will show her strength with natural disasters like earthquakes,tornadoes,volcanic eruptions and explosions. Aeronautic accidents,NASA,SPACE X news, and electronic and mechanical issues are common too.

This Full Moon is the perfect time for star gazing,and UFO hunting, This is also a time when we will be more concerned about humanity, stronger friendships and group settings. We care just a little more now, and that is the beautiful side of Aquarius.This energy is extra intense because it falls under a Uranic energy phase. See my last blog for this weeks forecast and Days of Caution:

You two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Some of your friends may stab you in the back and your wishes will not be granted. Wait until the New Moon to see progress.

Taurus: Career needs some work and changes in these areas are common. Your public image is under a microscope so best behave yourself.

Gemini: You might be planning a trip, and possible upsetting news from foreign lands, and set backs with studies and continuing education.

Cancer: News of someones passing is common.Your investments will bring headaches. Now is a good time to look into meditation and deeper spiritual knowledge.

Leo: Changes with partnerships and contract. Do not sign anything after the Full Moon.

Virgo: Your health needs attention and added stress and changes are common with employment and work life.

Libra: Your children may bring shocking news and added stress. Not a good time for matters of the heart. Be patient!

Scorpio: Issues and dilemmas with your home and domestic environment will be challenged. Time to review and take action on next New Moon.

Sagittarius: Upsetting news via mail,phone ,or email. Siblings will be in touch.Good time for a short trip away to re-group, and reflect.

Capricorn: Unexpected spending and issues with money is possible.Don't get to depressed about it.It happens to all of us.

Aquarius: This Full Moon is right on you. You must let go of the past. This sign is the most vulnerable right now. The subconscious is weakened due to all the Capricorn in the 12th house. Don't feed into fear. Better days are ahead.

Pisces: Your dreams will bring messages.Listen to them! Let go of the past and progress forward.

Wishing everyone a blessed Full Moon. Get outside and do a little stargazing. You just might see far more then just stars.

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