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Full Moon Forecast - Aug.3,2020

As stated in the past news letter ""Days of Caution" for August 2,3,4 and we move into Uranic energy phase. The fault lines come alive,volcanoes,weird weather,bizarre and shocking news make headlines. Space X, NASA,UFO, aeronautics,technology, and paranormal info always make the news."

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius @ 11:59 a.m. EDT on Monday,Aug 3,2020. Things revolving around friendships,social events, clubs,unions or groups,science and technology.Dreams, and wishes will be the focus of this Full Moons energy.

Aquarius Full Moons represent surprising, and even shocking developments to manifest. This is where the earth comes alive with hurricanes,earthquakes,intense weather patters,electrical storms etc. Since Aquarius rules technology,it will be a good idea to purchase those items before the Full Moon. On a more positive note, This energy is perfect to star gazing,UFO investigations, group events, and making new friends.

Magickal Folk: Invoke the Full moon energy for creative expression, extra sensory issues, breaking old habits, freedom, scientific endeavors, and friendships are perfect. Spell work for ailments of the circulatory system,blood,calves and ankles are best done now too.

Two Week Forecast by House and Sign:

Aries: You will be in demand this week with many contacting you. Dreams and wishes will have to wait for better stars. Be patient!

Taurus: Abrupt endings with career and new ones beginning. What might seem like awful news ,will be a blessing in disguise.

Gemini: Negative news is on the way from afar. Studies postponed and a sudden trip might be in order.

Cancer: Sad news of a legacy or death.Issues might arise with finances, and others money. This is the one sign in the Zodiac that must learn to use the fluctuations of the Moon in order to cope.

Leo: Changes coming within business partnerships, and even domestic affairs. Do not sign any contracts after the Full Moon.

Virgo: Health issues might arise due to added stress now. Changes within employment are possible. Continue to be the masters of communication.

Libra: Your love life will bring stress or even a break up. Much change is needed here.Children will become worrisome too.

Scorpio: Abrupt changes within the home. Buying or selling is possible, and the emotions will be high. Hang in there!

Sagittarius: Shocking news will arrive via mail,phone or e-mail. Brothers and sisters will be in touch.

Capricorn: Financial issues are common ,and you may have to spend against your will.

Aquarius: This Moon energy is right on you, making a stressful aspect. The changes you make today to better yourself will reward you later on.

Pisces: Hidden enemies are common. Let go of all your past guilt's and progress forward. Listen to those dreams Pisces.

This Full moon energy will be difficult for most of us. This is where the power of Aquarius will shock us with news in our own lives. Be strong, be safe and Blessed Be.

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