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Full Moon Forecast Feb.8/9, 2020

We have a fiery, pleasure seeking, and entertainment based,beautiful Leo Full Moon on Sunday, February 8/9,2020 at 2:33 a.m EST. This is the first Super Moon of the year. This energy will be all about love, romance, children,creativity, pleasure,joy and entertainment. This is a very hedonistic placement as Leo loves good times,celebration, pleasure and joy. The energies are making a harmonious angle to the Moon. This is the perfect time to deal with affairs of the heart, children issues, leadership roles, tapping into your creative side, and successful endings as we enter the waning Moon phase. Having a weekend get together,BBQ with friends and family and any sort of in home entertaining will be blessed under this energy, along with concerts,musicals and entertainment events and even sports.

My only negative here would be to watch over the children very carefully after the Full Moon,especially when we go into a Plutonic Phase on Feb.13/14/15 as they will be the most vulnerable. Once this energy wans, negative can happen with children and affairs of the heart. So be careful and watch the kids like hawks. I highly recommend that you obtain the Llewellyn's 2020 Moon Sign Book. They are no more then $10 and can help in understanding the Moon phases and the red and green lights thru out the month.

Mercury goes retrograde on 2/9/20 in Pisces. Modern Astrology suggests that it Rx on Feb.16,2020 and use terms like foreshadows or preshadows but Divine Astrology teaches us that we start the Mercury Rx season on Feb.9,2020 and will last until 3/15/20. This will create all sorts of havoc on the planet.

Anything dealing with travel,transportation,car accidents,traffic jams, chain reaction events, electronics, delays,tragedy,wind,birds, and communication in general, misunderstandings and being misunderstood. Now is the time to be crystal clear with your instructions, with direction, and information. Repeat and make sure you have it right. Avoid traveling if at all possible, do not purchase new cars, (used is ok) or sign major contracts during this time.

The planet of deception,illusions,escapism,addiction,drugs,alcohol, oil,institutions, confusion and misunderstandings is moving at a slower pace, making everything all the more confusing. In its positive state, it will create intuition, divine spirit,higher consciousness and clairvoyance but psychics are advised to steer clear of energy work this weekend until this phase has pasted.

As in my last newsletter:

For all my Magickal Folk , Leo Full Moons are all about love,strength,dominance, the children,power, and pleasure.Love and lust spells, protection of children, childbirth, and ailments of the back, spine or heart, including mending a broken heart are all blessed for magick under these stars. Also spells for bearing children and fertility, even though Leo is considered a barren sign it rules children and can be very powerful in spells for this purpose.

Your Forecast by House and Sign:

Aries: Issues and stress coming from children and affairs of the heart.Much need changes in all these areas. You must be strong and deal with it.

Taurus: Important decisions in regards to home,family,real-estate, mother, and family matters is ahead.

Gemini: Communication may become a struggle once Mercury goes Rx. Your ruler is Mercury and you must try to stay as grounded as possible. Issues will arise with change of plans, short trips, family matters,children and even miscommunications.

Cancer: Financial stress and issues are ahead. You may have to spend against your will or have a few unexpected expense. Stay positive as a beautiful Pisces Moon enters in a few weeks.

Leo: This Full moon is right on you. Move forward,let the past go.Better health and clarity are on the way for you dear Leo.

Virgo: Dreams will bring greater meaning. Higher consciousness and insite will prevail. Listen to your inner voice now.

Libra: Some wishes may not be blessed at this time. Friends might back stab you now and it might be time to take a long look at your social life and the friends you keep.

Scorpio: Your career is in the spotlight. And hard decisions will have to be made with your working life, and affairs of the heart.

Sagittarius: Issues with love and romance will have to be addressed. Plans might have to be cancelled,postponed, or changed. Children might bring added stress.

Capricorn: Possible news of legacy or death. this can also mean the death of a situation or even an investment. Hopefully it is all in an indirect way and not directly affected.

Aquarius: Your business and domestic life will see changes soon. If things aren't working, it might be time to move onward and forward.

Pisces: Its time to focus on health matters and better working environments. Positive changes are ahead in these areas but you must put in the time to see those results.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Full Moon and and wonderful week ahead. My 72 hour Full Moon special starts now.... Feb.8 - Feb.11,2020.

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